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Anti-Damp Paint

Anti-Damp Paint

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Anti-Damp is a special low odour, efflorescence resistant resin based paint, for application to damp interior walls and ceilings. Designed as a primer coat containing an active reagent which combines with surface moisture and dampness. Controls moisture release making damp areas cleaner and bright.

It contains a biocidal product for the preservation of the dry film; to reduce discolouration. Can be overcoated with conventional paints.

Anti-Damp is a stain blocker for Interior use, providing excellent adhesion.

NOTE: This paint will not cure the cause of dampness.

  • Can be applied to surfaces that are still slightly damp
  • Reduces discolouration
  • Suitable Surfaces: Plaster, Cement, Stone
  • Finish: Matt
  • Application: Roller, brush or spray
  • Drying time: Touch Dry 2 hours or 8 hours hard dry
  • Overcoat time: 12 hours or overnight
  • Estimated Coverage: 9m² per litre