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  • Trade Supplies
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  • Sales@tradepaintsoutlet.com
  • UK Wide distribution

ERFURT Wallrock Thermal Liner Energy/Heat-Saving Lining Paper (10m x 0.75m)



Wallrock Thermal Liner has been specially developed to offer a combination of features:

  • Thermal insulation and energy saving for walls and ceilings.
  • Great cover for damaged walls – at 3.2 mm thick it’s perfect for covering damaged and textured walls.
  • Mould prevention - allows walls to breathe and raises the room temperature meaning it will help to combat mould growth.
  • Sound insulation - improves acoustics thanks to its high degree of noise and sound absorption – not its main strength though.
  • Great surface for paint or paste-the-wall wallpapers.

Technical specifications:

  • Roll Size: 10 metres long and 75 cm wide - one roll covers 7.5 m2
  • Thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Adhesive: Use with Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive - 4 to 5 kg per roll

Application :

  • Put the ‘fluffy’ side against the wall, so the smooth surface faces the room.
  • Remember the liner is absorbent, so be generous when pasting with Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive
  • Have a set of sharp blades available before you start.
  • When going round sharp corners butt-joint separate drops.
  • Use normal emulsion paint over Thermal Liner.
  • Wallrock Thermal Liner can also be used on ceilings.

Don't :

  • We do not recommend applying traditional wallpapers or lining papers over Thermal Liner because these products, by nature, expand when wet and shrink when drying up (paper based products are dimensionally unstable), which can cause the corners of Wallrock Thermal Liner to be pulled off. All Wallrock products are dimensionally stable.
  • We do not recommend putting tiles over the thermal liner - it would negate the thermal benefits.

Wallrock Thermal Liner facts

  • Reduces room warm-up time by up to 65% and up to 36% energy saving.
  • Allows walls to breathe.
  • Resists mould and damp formation.
  • Covers problem areas such as cracked plaster and textured surfaces - it is approx 3.2mm thick.
  • Produces a flat surface for paste-the-wall wallpapers (sometimes known as non-woven wallpapers).
  • Helps with sound insulation.
  • NO PVC or glass fibre.

Finish on Wallrock Thermal Liner

Please note that the surface of Thermal Liner is an excellent surface for paint, however if you want to create a better / different finish quickly and easily use Wallrock Fibreliner, Wallrock Premium, 1100 Paste the Wall Lining Paper or Wallrock Trend textured paintable wallpapers on top of the Thermal Liner. You can also use other paste-the-wall wallcoverings.

Mould prevention

Walls that have surface temperature distinctly cooler than the ambient air temperature are typically affected by mould. This is why the problem is often seen on outside walls and close to windows. The warm and moist room air condenses on the cooler areas of the walls and creates condensation. Wallrock Thermal Liner increases the surface temperature of the wall preventing condensation and therefore stops mould from forming.